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Kat's Creatorium

Welcome to the creative space of Kateryna Tyshchenko, an inspired visual artist exploring different mediums

Studio Projects

Jewelry image Homepage_edited.jpg

Realm of metalwork

Jewellery is more than just an accessory; it is a tangible expression of individuality and emotion. Within this realm, artists breathe life into their visions, melting, sawing, polishing metals until intricate designs emerge.


Join Kat in exploring how artistry and craftsmanship can transform metal into a work of art. 


Realm of image transfers

 Printmaking provides unique possibilities for artistic expression, allowing artists to experiment with texture, colour, and multiple reproductions of their work.


Join Kat in her exploration of creative outcomes, that could be achieved through printmaking.

Printmaking Home page.jpg
Ceramics Home Page.jpg

Realm of clay alchemy

Ceramics offers endless possibilities for artists to explore aesthetics, craftsmanship and storytelling. From delicate vessels to expressive sculptural works, ceramics allows for both functional and purely artistic creations.


Join Kat in her exploration of this medium, where tradition meets innovation


Realm of magic of light

Photography allows the artist to tell stories through different lenses and freeze time. The power of light and composition is harnessed to create images that evoke emotions and provoke thoughts.  Photography has witnessed a transformation from film-based pictures to the ever-evolving digital realm.


Join Kat in her discoveries of photography in its most traditional form.

Photography Home Page.jpg

 More Projects coming soon:)

Kat's Thoughts on Contemporary Art Practices 
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