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Ceramics Studio

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Studio Process

Ceramics is a captivating process from preparing the clay to firing the finished pieces. Working with clay is rather therapeutical, it grounds you to see how wet clay is being deformed and shaped into the outcome you have envisioned in mind.

After the desired form is achieved, the clay needs to be partially dried to achieve a leather-hard stage for further refining and application of colours. The piece then undergoes the first bisque firing, which transforms a clay piece into a ceramic object.

Finally, the piece can be glazed to create a glassy finish on a ceramic surface. The second firing fuses the glaze into the clay body, resulting in a glossy surface revealing all the beauty of colours beneath it.  

Work in Progress

 Ceramics is a time-consuming art form that requires patience and dedication. The various stages of preparation, drying, firing, and glazing can last for weeks. 

Another challenge is the fragility of objects that are being created. Clay is susceptible to cracking or even breaking, especially when the holes to relieve air pressure when the clay is being fired have been forgotten.

It takes time to familiarise yourself with clay and pigments to be able to envision how the finished piece will look like. The colours applied to clay tend to change their hues through various stages of the process.

Completed Project

I did my best to maximise the outcomes of my studio practice, and my first training piece turned into a cute little ceramic statue of an owl.

Equipped with the knowledge of how to work with clay, I developed another upgraded version of an owl with finer details and more texture.


The outcomes of my creative endeavours are displayed below.

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