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Jewellery Studio

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Studio Process

We were introduced to the jewellery practice and encouraged to experiment with different patterns and techniques to create a variety of imprints on aluminium plates.

When working with natural materials such as leaves caution needed to be taken as those leaves had to be very dry not to damage the rollers.

We ran materials we wanted to be imprinted through the press for wonderful patterns to appear on an aluminium surface. We were taught to carefully cut the shapes with jeweller's saw, use files and sandpaper to refine shapes and polish the final design. 

Work in Progress

The most challenging part was to make a final outcome match the design objectives.


Aluminum is a relatively soft metal compared to others. It takes time to learn how to apply proper pressure on the rollers. Materials chosen for imprinting should be capable of creating different levels of detail. Each material can be used only once, as the press destroys the original during the imprinting process.


For a matching pair of earrings several materials with the same patterns and qualities needed to be gathered.

Completed Project

Randomness introduced to the pattern design works wonders. Instead of focusing on the same pattern, I've chosen to work with similar but also different patterns for my final project.


Randomness breaks away from the predictable and symmetrical shapes, giving the design a more natural and artistic feel.


The outcome of my creative endeavours is displayed below.

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