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Photography Studio

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Studio Process

With digital photography widely in use, it was exciting to return to the roots of this beautiful art form and explore a variety of possibilities working with a photosensitive paper.

At the studio, we learned how to adjust the light source to achieve a black-and-white scale with a wide range of greys. The sensitive materials were handled in the dark room, which is a space with nearly to non light and only dim red safelights present.

Once exposed to camera light, a photosensitive paper had to undergo 4 stages including film development, water rinse, fixer and final water wash.   

Work in Progress

Materials and paper used in the studio are highly sensitive to light. The entire process, from exposing the photosensitive paper to the camera light to then developing and fixing the photogram needs to be carried out in a darkroom.

Even brief exposure to light can lead to premature image formation, which ruins the result. It was my first time experiencing working in a dark room and initially I felt a little bit disoriented.


Moreover, proper exposure was required for valid artistic results, as too much light could produce a complete blackness with no half-tones.

Completed Project

When I got used to almost complete darkness of the room and found my way around the development trays, I liked the experience.


Mastering the amount of light and proper intervals resulted in a variety of neat plant and geometric patterns. I used the photograms produced in the studio to create a trophy of a fern flower, which according to Slavic beliefs blooms for a very short time during the summer solstice and can grant wishes.


The outcome of my creative endeavours is displayed below. 

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