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Printmaking Studio

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Studio Process

The studio process for printmaking involves a series of steps to create multiple reproductions of an image. First, you carefully transfer your design onto the surface (matrix) from which the prints will be made.

For relief printmaking (linocut) the image is carved into the matrix, allowing the remaining parts to hold the ink. Drypoint or intaglio printing is another technique we learned. The image is engraved into the surface to allow for finer details, with engraved lines holding the ink.

After the matrix for printing is good to go, the next step is to apply the ink, press the matrix onto the sheet of paper and run it through the printing press. 


Printmaking is quite a meditative process allowing for the production of multiple wonderful prints.

Work in Progress

Printmaking, like any artistic process, presents its own set of challenges. Consistency is not the issue when printing very limited editions of prints however, for larger editions to achieve the same outcomes a lot of factors have to be taken into account.


For one of my projects, to achieve the desired consistency and coverage multiple ink colours needed to be mixed. Ink also tends to dry out rather quickly which affects the results.


Learning how to apply proper pressure on the printmaking press is crucial, as not enough pressure or too much pressure dramatically alters the outcomes.  

Completed Project

Out of printmaking techniques we tried at the studio I enjoyed the outcomes of the drypoint technique the most. It allows for the creation of print with rich and deep impressions, but also quite refined.


As the etched lines hold the ink, clean results could be produced with lesser background details, focusing the viewer's attention on the actual print design.

The outcome of my creative endeavours is displayed below.

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